Alien: Blackout Review – Better than Five Nights at Freddy’s?

You play as the daughter of Ellen Ripley, Amanda, who is trapped together with four fellow crew members on board the Weyland-Yutani space station.

We bet you can imagine where this is going: that’s correct, the station is losing a Xenomorph and killing is in the mood.

You only need to be armed with a tablet-like device to assist Amanda and the crew escape the station before the Xenomorph violently kills you all.

This is basically Five Nights at Freddy’s featuring the Xenomorph

In practice, at Freddy’s, it performs a terrible lot like Five Nights. You can monitor the various cameras at each level with your tablet, use motion sensors to track the movements of the Xenomorph, and close / open doors as needed.

However, you have a restricted power supply, so only up to five distinct devices can be powered at once.
That’s where the approach comes in, as you’re using the instruments at your disposal to maintain you always on top of where the Xenomorph is.

You can give orders to your crew members to help keep them safe when you find the monster. Depending on the scenario, you can order them to hide, proceed silently or run.

But it does make a few notable improvements

And there are moments when they are going to have to move fast. The title’s Blackout portion relates to the eight-is minutes you’ve got to finish each level before you run out of energy, and the station’s in the dark.

We feel like Alien here: Blackout is improving on the formula of Freddy. Having to maintain an eye on crew members as they make their way around the boat has made the experience feel much more like a match of strategy, and when one inevitably dies you feel like the Xenomorph is just one step nearer to having you.

And it can get you there. You must quickly close the door to where you are before the Xenomorph gets you if you hear a scrambling in the vents. You need to be sure it’s coming though, as all the energy away from your crew members is closing the gate paths.

Overall, with Alien, we had a much better time: blackout than we had at Freddy’s with Five Nights. You usually feel more in command of what’s going on, as the mechanics are very simple and providing an additional layer of approach to look after the crew members.

There is a cost to more straightforward mechanics

But it comes at a price a little bit. When you find out how the play works, it begins to lose some of its scares because you’re going to just go through the motions to maintain yourself and your crew secure.

You’re going to have a ton of admittedly tense fun before you get there though. It is a very worthy successor to the franchise of the Freddy and at some point in the future we would like to see a more fleshed out sequel.

App Name Alien: Blackout (Apk)
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Requires Android 4.3
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