Catalyst Black, the new Game From Vainglory Devs, Hitting Early Access Soon

Super Evil Megacorp has released more information about its forthcoming team-based Trigger Black shooter. Unless the dev ‘s name is familiar, that is presumably because it is Vainglory’s team behind. Yup, this is the latest title from the developer of one of the world’s greatest smartphone games.

And it was announced that the game is about to be played early, or as SEM calls it, Secret Service. What does this signify? Well it means select players will be able to get their hands on the game from August 12th.

The announcement also came with a brand new trailer that highlighted the action players in the game might expect. Below we have embedded it, so make sure you take a minute to test it out.

So, the game is a team-based shooter with a quick speed. There are guns, giant hammers and there is a beautiful art-style that really pops off the frame. It looks like it would be a huge amount of fun, right?

There are however a number of requirements for this early start of access. For one thing, it looks as if the initial stages of this study will only be iOS. If that will be the case or not in the entire Secret Service remains to be seen, but for now we are out of luck with Android matches.

If you are still interested in signing up for the exam, please click right here for more information on the official Catalyst Black site. You would need to sign up for a channel of Discord to be in with a chance to get picked. So keep in mind that there is a possibility your name won’t be selected to participate.

Also though at this point in the life of the game Android players are left out, we are all super excited to get our hands on Catalyst Black. Keep coming back frequently, because we plan on writing a lot about this one.

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