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Epic Odyssey Game is our sort of gacha-RPG, meaning it doesn’t look like any other gacha-RPGs.

Although most games in the genre can only be differentiated by summons ratings and other obscure metrics that most of us do not understand, Epic Odyssey looks fully distinctive, with sleek 3D graphics, a nice clean aesthetic and plenty of open world exploration.

The game ‘s fighting feature sees you bring a five-unit team into battle against another five-unit team. These heroes are full of personality and visual panache high in fantasy. Also, each of them has their own backstory and their personalities come out in in-game dialog passages.

You gain heroes by calling gacha, and you can fuse any duplicates that come into your possession to raise the hero. You can also plough smaller heroes into higher tier ones to give them a boost too. There’s also updating and customizing facilities, improving skills and so on.

This is the basic material of gacha. We are more interested in the specific qualities of Epic Odyssey, and in particular its massive, vibrant world map carved into thirty distinct kingdoms across the continent of Lynea. You can freely explore this planet, open chests, select quests and even solve puzzles.

Epic Odyssey is almost like an isometric hack-and-slash action-RPG in these parts of the game-but without hacking and slashing. You can meet supernatural creatures, ancient artifacts and a cast of NPCs with special backstories of their own.

Even, Epic Odyssey is absolutely free of needless grinding, because it helps you to advance idly when you’re AFK.

Download Epic Odyssey Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Epic Odyssey (Game)
Updated 20 July 2020
Current Version 1.8.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 58M

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