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You will be dropped onto a mostly deserted island when the game begins. There are no humans here; only the sea, white sand, and various plants and animals can be found. As a small grayish-brown crab, you must begin by looking for other crustaceans to eat in order to survive. The crab in King of Crabs is omnivorous, eating coconuts, berries, and other small crabs and turtles that are scattered in the sand.

Animals are forced to fight aggressively for survival in this wild world. You’ll come across other large crabs pursuing you when searching for food. Do not fight it; instead, strive to flee and eat before you reach adulthood. If you become a hunter or are hunted is decided by your playstyle.


The intriguing aspect of King of Crabs is that your crab does not simply battle the opponent with the bigger bigger. They can also use the weapons they’ve collected to attack enemies that are bigger than they are. Have you ever seen a crab beat up on another crab with a baseball bat? When you visit King of Crabs, you will be able to see it for yourself.

Game Types

There are two key modes in King of Crabs: King and Friendly. The Friendly mode, as the name implies, allows players to eat and survive by living with crabs of their own species. The main objective is to eat small animals that roam the vast map in order to grow into the largest crab.

Furthermore, King mode features PvP battles that incorporate elements of battle royale games. You will be transported to an island where you will be joined by a certain number of other teams. At King, your objective is to eat small animals and battle other players until you are the last one standing. The screen will display two green and blue lines, one for your life and the other for your ability to travel. Over time, both bars will immediately fill (the blue bar fills faster). When you notice your green bar is about to deplete during a war, flee and continue to feed to replenish it. Your points will be deducted if your mana bar is drained, and you will have to restart the race.

Extra points can be won by eating small animals, trees, or battling other crabs. The more points an opponent can win, the bigger and better he is. Please, however, strive to stop being injured as much as possible.

In addition, there are two new modes in the most recent update. Buddy mode allows players to establish alliances with other crabs and embark on a journey together. Meanwhile, you can watch professional players resolve obstacles in Spectate mode. You’ll most likely gain a lot of knowledge or tips from them.

Unlock New Crabs, Equipment And Items

Players in King of Crabs can choose from a variety of crabs, ranging from Common to S, Rare to Mega Rare. In Play Royal, you will earn a certain number of free spins each day. You’ll have to invest pearls if you want to spin more (One of the King of Crabs premium currency). The spin will assist you in locating additional items and equipment (hats, guns, etc.). You can also improve your crabs and even unlock new, extremely rare crabs. They come in a variety of sizes, forms, and colours. Each style will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as different gameplay.

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Game Name King of Crabs (Apk)
Updated April 6, 2021
Current Version 1.12.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 74M
Offered By Robot Squid

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