It’s Pirates vs Zombies in Last Pirate: Survival Island

It must have been an occupational hazard for pirates to get marooned on a desert island. One poor squall, one unfortunate incident of gunpowder, and bam–in the middle of nowhere they are shipwrecked and stranded. This is the situation in which you will find yourself playing Last Pirate: Survival Island, a slick, graphically impressive first person survival sim from RetroStyle Games developer.

You must stay alive in an utterly inhospitable environment, stripped of your crew, your cutlass, your schooner, and even the trusty parrot you probably owned when you were still on the high seas. At first, the hook you have instead of a hand is your only weapon–which is actually more of a handicap than an advantage. Armed with this hook and wit, you have to stay alive by eating and drinking enough in the first place.

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You can survive on the fruit you find for a while, but you will have to feast on meat to stay alive for a long time. That means being able to know how to fish and hunt. You will also need to learn some basic cooking skills, because eating raw meat will make you sick. Thankfully, slaughtering animals produces valuable by-products, such as bones, that can be used to build all kinds of weapons, tools, etc.

It’s all very realistic, with an emphasis on setting up proactive strategies to cope with challenges in the real world. And then it shows up the zombies. You can quickly come upon the walking dead while you’re out hunting, and at night they’re joined by walking corpses, adding to the day / night cycle a real sense of increasing fear.

Last pirate: Survival Island is heavily influenced by PCs and consoles such as Rust and Sea of Thieves, and the pin-sharp, atmospheric and informative 3D visuals and the immersive first person viewpoint demonstrate its console pedigree – a true motive innovation.

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App Name Last Pirate: Survival Island (Apk)
Updated 4 December 2019
Current.V 0.395
Req.Android 5.0 and up
Size 97M
Offered By RetroStyle Games UA

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