Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is an Irreverent Casual Game with a Serious Message (and Tons of Poop)

Halloween ‘s annual spookfest is upon us, but right now there is a much more terrifying occurrence taking place.

Yep, there’s a looming US election. One path down lies redemption. Down the other, definite doom. Which direction is which depends entirely on your political affiliation.

Also, your target depends on it. Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is a funny mobile game that, by making you poop on supporters of the two presidential candidates, satirises the current state of US politics.

With LA, Seattle, New York, and other urban spaces depicted in stylish pixel-art fashion, each level takes place in a different US city. People in these cities mill about, sit on benches, talk, and generally go about their everyday business.

Until you’re pooping on them.

Your victims’ political sympathies are shown by the colour of the energy bars hovering over their heads, so you still know what kind of individual you’re bringing down. In a number of colourful ways, they respond to being pooped on.

Some make funny comments, some run for cover, some laugh at you, and by throwing things, some of your reluctant targets retaliate.

And not only do you piss on ordinary men. There are bosses, too, and leading political leaders like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Nancy Pelosi can also be pooped on.

Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections preserves poop statistics in various nations, helping to forecast the results of the upcoming US election through the time-honored avian defecation medium. On the live POOP tracker, you can check in at any time.

Although Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections has its puerile side undoubtedly, the game also has a serious mission. It features fair, balanced, and timely news nuggets from the ongoing presidential campaign to help younger voters in this highly consequential election make an educated choice in particular.

Speaking of this, less than a week is left before polling day. It’s time to download and get pooping Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections.

Download Pigeon POOlitics Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Pigeon POOlitics(Apk)
Updated October 8, 2020
Current.V 1.1.81
Size 95M
Offered By Pigeon Devepooper

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